A God of Movement

Thursday, February 26, 2015

A God of movement: A picture of an apostolic movement
Apostle Dr. Franco Maximiliano


The intention of this message is to make us understand that God cannot elevate us to a supernatural level unless we move towards him.
Throughout the Scriptures God is demonstrated to be a God of movement.

Genesis 1: 1-3.
Exodus exodus 14:13-16
Numbers 10:8-10
Ezequiel 1.

What are the things that impede us to move like God moves?

Blind. When we cannot see what God is doing. High priest elih
Deaf. When we cannot hear his voice calling us to move.
Leprosy. When we cannot access the move of God. Naman, 2 kings 5.
Paralysis. When we have no strength to walk towards him. Mephiboset’s. 2 Samuel 4 s 2 Samuel 9.

When I move God has the authorization to operate a miracle.
What are the codes and keys that unleashes an apostolic movement?

Acts 3

When we overcome the pre established patterns of life’s destruction
When we cultivate a life of prayer.
When we go beyond immediate solutions.
When we decide to walk with God on our own feet.

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